Hazelwood College, Dromcollogher in conjunction with Heartaid are facilitating cardiac screening as part of a health promotion initiative in the school. Both students and staff have been informed of this service which will run over a number of consecutive days. The interest is high and the deadline for booking is the 7th February 2014. This service is extremely convenient as all screenings will take place on site with minimal disruption to pupil and teacher timetabling.

Heartaid screening includes 1) personal and family history ques-tionnaire 2) physical examination with a medical doctor and a 12 lead electrocardiogram (ECG). The medical data and ECG are assessed and reported by a consultant cardio-logist.

Ms. Ciara Broderick who is organising this health promotion initiative cannot emphasise enough the importance of availing of this service. “Up to 100 young people die each year in Ireland from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) and a recent report published stated that the incidents of SADS are higher in Ireland than many other European countries. Participating in this screening can help to identify cardiac abnor-malities and hopefully save a life. This opportunity cannot be missed.”