An appeal went out this week to communities, individuals and businesses in North Cork and South East Limerick for support for the retention of Ballyhoura Development.

As fears grow for its future, the organisation is planning a showcase rally to be held at Nagle Rice Secondary School, Doneraile, on Friday week April 11th at 7.30pm.

The Government is propo-sing changes to the way programmes, which are currently delivered by Ballyhoura Development, will be delivered in the future. The changes could see public bodies take over these programmes which would have serious conse-quences for citizens and communities across the Ballyhoura area.

“These changes could lead to the loss of the local sup-ports and services provided by Ballyhoura Development and to the closure of Ballyhoura Development,” a spokesperson warned this week.

Next week’s showcase rally in Doneraile is aimed at providing people and communities with a clear picture of the achievements of individuals, groups and businesses supported by Ballyhoura Development and to explain current policy and the potential challenges to the retention of current services offered by Bally-houra Development.

John Walsh, Ballyhoura Development chairman, is this week encouraging and urging everyone in the South East Limerick and North East Cork areas to attend next week’s rally so that everyone is aware of the current policy proposals and their implications. “Through a range of financial and non-financial supports, you can see the fingerprint of support from Ballyhoura Develop-ment in every community in the Ballyhoura area,” Mr. Walsh said.

There has been an outpour-ing of support this week from the community at large for maintaining Ballyhoura Development and the services it provides locally.

“We need your participation and input at this rally, which is your opportunity to sup-port Ballyhoura Develop-ment and the continuity of its services,” a spokesperson appealed this Wednesday.

A second showcase rally is planned for the Community Centre, Cappamore on Monday April 14th at 7.30pm.