Banogue NS joins Alan Alda for ‘The Flame Challenge’

Banogue NS was thrilled recently to be chosen to take part in this year’s international ‘webinar,’ Mrs Cagney’s senior class pupils joining film star Alan Alda (star of MASH and many other films) and Stony Brook Centre for Communicating Science as judges of an international science contest, ‘The Flame Challenge 2017 – What is Energy?’’ The webinar took place last Monday and was a great success.
“To be part of such a widely recognised global event from such a small rural community is a huge achievement for our school, and our pupils are ecstatic to have been chosen,” said Mrs Cagney, Principal at the school, while 4th class pupil TJ Regan said, “It’s really cool to be talking about science to children from other schools around the world.”
The contest is now in its sixth year, and is judged by 11 year-olds all over the world, challenging scientists at every level to answer and communicate familiar yet complex concepts in a way that is understandable to an 11 year-old.