Bruree NS One Good Idea project

“Don’t Use Water in Haste, Think About Waste”
A group of six children in 3rd class in St. Patrick’s National School, Bruree have reached the top twenty in Ireland in the One Good Idea com-petition. This competition is run by the SEAI and children have to come up with a proposal to run a campaign based on one good idea for saving energy.
The team, Sonny McCartan, Grace Weaver, Rachel Lyons, Gemma Lynch, Kayla McGrath and Chloe O’Shea chose the topic Saving Water Saves Energy. Their team name is the “Saighdiúirí Uisce” (Water Soldiers). Their project was chosen from hundreds of entries to be included in stage two of the competition. This means they now have just over a month to put their campaign proposal into action. They are busy doing research and coming up with ideas on how to get their message across to children and adults alike. They want to make everyone more aware of their water usage, how they may be wasting water and they will be providing some simple tips on how water can be saved at home, at school and in shops and businesses. They are hoping to make a short film based on their topic and the school website ( has regular updates about their progress. They will be posting interesting facts along with tips for the month of February on the school Twitter page @brureens. All their classmates and their teacher Karen Murnane are helping the team to work on their project and are helping to implement their ideas. They have to maintain a campaign diary and this together with a PowerPoint presentation will be sent to the SEAI in early March for judging to get to the national final.