Budding young film-makers create a scene!

The ‘Scoop’ crew pictured at Summer Film Week in the Big Blue Cube, Mallow.

In the Big Blue Cube at Gouldshill this week 20 creative young people gathered to make films, where a Cork County Council-supported programme provided them with the opportunity to take part in this hands-on, jam-packed filmmaking for 13-19 year olds. Summer Film Week, presented by Cork Film Centre’s Cork Young Filmmakers Programme, was returning to Mallow for its annual ‘Make a Film in a Week’ programme for aspiring young filmmakers. Participants came from Buttevant, Carrignavar, Ballyclough, Newmarket, Donoughmore, Kilcorney and Lombardstown, as well as from all over Mallow, and they experienced a wide variety of different aspects of being a filmmaker in a hands-on, fun and interactive workshop. Working alongside professional filmmakers from Cork Film Centre, over five days they explored, learned how to use the equipment and then created two short films. ‘Scooped’ and ‘Twins’ were made collectively by two groups right through from story to edit.
Film-making isn’t a solo activity, so there were lots of opportunities to meet and get to know other like-minded young people interested in film-making.
These summer week-long workshops take place in four venues spread throughout County Cork, involving 84 young people. Cork Young Filmmakers is a Cork County Youth Arts Training Programme funded by Cork County Council and managed by Cork Film Centre. The Midleton workshop is co-funded by SECAD. Week-long programmes in both Macroom and Mitchelstown have been made possible through support from the Municipal Districts Creative Communities Awards.
In Mitchelstown on Monday 24th July the very first ‘Summer Film Week’ will take place, and there has been an unprecedented interest from young people. However, due to a last-minute cancellation, one place has become available. Contact Cork Young Filmmakers immediately or call into Victoria O Brien, CDYS Youth Worker, in Forrest Hall in Mitchelstown.
Cork County Council extended funding in 2014 enabling these young people to take part in an amazing hands-on film making week in North Cork for the first time. In 2015 ‘Milky Boy,’ one of the three films made by the participants, was awarded Best Cork Young Filmmakers Short of the Year at a Film Gala hosted by Cork County Council.
Each summer in Mallow, Summer Film Week provides young people from the town and all over North Cork with unparalleled access to in-depth, personal instruction from professional filmmakers. Spaces filled up fast this year, with no shortage of creative potential ‘Spielbergs’, emphasising the strong interest in this artform.
The Big Blue Cube, Gouldshill, Mallow, is a great venue, and is managed by CDYS, who give great support to the film-making programme each year. All films will premiere at the annual Film Gala Showcase in November. Family and friends are invited to attend and celebrate these films on the big screen! Participants will also receive a YouTube link to their film.
The Cork Young Filmmakers programme with funding from Cork County Council is managed by Cork Film Centre providing a unique professional programme of film making to young people in County Cork, with one-day introductory workshops taking place in partnership with schools, youth projects and clubs and in a wide range of organisations working with young people throughout the County. Workshops in south and east areas of County Cork are co-funded by SECAD, South and East Cork Area Development.
Through this new and extended programme, Cork Film Centre professional filmmakers delivered training to almost 300 young people last year. They guide young people through the film making process, helping them to develop a range of transferable skills, leading to the creation of their own short films. Cork Young Filmmakers sets out to support young people aged 12 to 21 years in a range of youth settings in youth projects, clubs, schools, COPE, YMCA and Youthreach, to learn new skills, develop and produce their own short films. Young people really enjoy this involvement in the arts; it builds their confidence and skills, enhances their personal development and promotes leadership and encourages them to take an active role in the wider community.
Invitation: for schools, youth groups or any youth organisation interested in hosting a film making workshop for young people as part of this countywide 2017 youth arts programme, there is still time to book in your group for a one -day workshop in September and October. Call 086 8139 019 or email corkyoungfilmmakers@gmail.com for further information.