Burton House and Slí Eile Market, Churchtown – A Saturday Morning Jaunt!

I’m freely admitting to being totally prejudiced, but I like nothing better than getting into my car on a Saturday morning and heading for Churchtown, Co. Cork to the organic market at Slí Eile. My daughter and I went at the weekend on a lovely, sunny morning. In the four weeks since my previous visit, the gardens had come into their own. Part of the garden was used for flowers this year, and the scents and colours are stunning. The addition of a container garden and a living wall is impressive, and had my imagination running wild at the prospects of creating something similar in my own garden. Farm Manager John O’ Connell assured me that it isn’t too difficult to achieve!
The organic food market was in full swing, even though it was early morning. People were buying their fruit and vegetables for the week, and having purchased my own, which included spuds, tomatoes, lettuces, beetroots, cabbages, cauliflowers, and tomatoes, I turned my attention to the foods that were readily available. As tempting as the woodfired pizzas, cakes and delicacies were, I opted for some cheddar cheese from Hegarty’s, and a homemade radish top and macadamia nut pesto, and a triple bean salad. In the courtyard, we selected some salads from Eileen’s stand, including spicy coleslaw, chickpea and raisin, beetroot and (surprisingly delicious) black grape salad to take home for our lunch.
We dined like kings at home, six of us in total, with full and plenty plates, and all at the cost of less than €20. The food is quite simply the best.
BJ, my daughter, is a member of the Limerick Food group and was so impressed that she posted images on her Instagram account. The hits and inquiries came fast and furious.
For any fans of delicious, ethically grown, organic, reasonably priced, and local food, this is the place to be.