Buy a Block Build St. Mary’s, Abbeyfeale

St. Mary’s Boys’ National School, Abbeyfeale are embarking on a fundraising drive entitled “But a Block-Build St. Mary’s.” The fundraising initiative was launched at the school on Friday last 2nd March by Board of Management Chairman Con Daly. Principal Seán Woulfe and Fr. J. O’Shea PP. A large crowd was present on the night including past pupils, parents and members of the local community. Much reminiscing was done on times past as all in attendance looked forward with anticipation to a new chapter for St. Mary’s. The school is currently being extended at a cost of over €400,000. A government grant was received and over €50,000 must be raised to cover the cost of the building work. On completion of the work the school will boast new classrooms and an office/storage area upstairs. Downstairs will have a new look also and for the first time in many years the General Purpose Hall will not be used as a classroom and so will be freely available for a wide variety of uses. “Buy a Block-Build St. Mary’s” is a unique opportunity for the public to assume ownership of a block in the school. Names will be assigned to blocks and will form aesthetically pleasing features in the school. The various purchase options available are outlined below. Extended family members are encouraged to share blocks. Any combination is acceptable, grandfathers, fathers, uncles, sons, nephews, cousins etc. A standing order option is available through the bank to spread the cost involved over a period of ten months. The initiative is not confined to past pupils. It is hoped that those who no longer reside in the Abbeyfeale area will be especially enthusiastic about getting involved in this initiative. The school can be contacted on 068-31699 (school hours) or 087-9550304 (all day or text) or by email to In the event of people wishing to make an anonymous donation the “Buy a Block-Build St. Mary’s” bank account number is 94645618 Sort Code 904130. St. Mary’s are appealing for support in an effort to continue to upgrade and develop the school. It is hoped that if as many people as possible “Buy a Block-Build St. Mary’s” they will achieve their goals and develop the school to the highest possible standards.

Buy a Block Build St. Mary’s

Individual Block (adult) €100

Group Block 2 names (adults) €150

Group Block 3 names (adults) €200

Group Block 4 names (adults) €250

Group Block 5/6/7 names (adults) €300

Individual Block (child) €50

Group Block 2 names (all children) €75

Group Block 3 names (all children) €100

Group Block 4 names (all children) €150

Group Block 5/6 names (all children) €200

Memorial Blocks also available (Individual, Group or Family)

Family Block 2/3 names (1 adult + 1/2 children) €150

Family Block 4/5 names (1 adult + 3/4 children) €200

Family Block 3/4 names (2 adults and 1/2 children) €200

Family Block 4/5/6/7 names (2/3 adults and 3/4 children) €250.