Castle gardens and town park to be turned into major public amenity


The gardens of Mallow Castle and Town Park are to become major public amenities, following news that Cork County Council has tendered for a consultant landscape architect-led multi-disciplinary design team to prepare and obtain full planning permission for the development of the gardens and town park, to strengthen their connec-tivity with the town and maximise their use for the people of Mallow and visitors.
Welcoming the news, Cllr. John Paul O’Shea said “This is a very exciting development for Mallow, and indeed the North Cork region. Cork County Council had the foresight to purchase these beautiful amenities in recent years and must be commended for same. We are now embarking on a new and very exciting time in the further development of both these facilities.”
The council purchased Mallow Castle and parklands in 2011, followed by the purchase of the town park in 2015, and since then the castle grounds have hosted various events, such as the Racing Home for Easter Festival, Picnic in the Park, Christmas Fair, and last Saturday the Murder on the Terrace open air drama.
Cllr. O’Shea added, “This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Mallow. Once the design team has been appointed in the coming weeks, I look forward to engaging with them on the full design of these works and I would encourage the general public to also engage in this process which will be made available to the people of Mallow during the planning process. These facilities are just wonderful for our town and we all need to be involved and supportive in bringing these amenities to fruition.”