Charleville Heritage Society will present A Night of Musical Reflection on the 150 year history of Charleville Brass and Reed Band on Friday the 29th January at the E Centre, Baker’s Road, Charleville.

The speaker will be Jim Foley, the long-time musical director of the band, which is now known as St. Patrick’s Brass and Reed Band, who will give an account of the history of the band since it was founded in 1866. Since then the band has played an integral part in the life of the town performing at all major events down through the years, and though the name of the band may have changed, the quality of the music remains the same.

There have also been the lean years when membership dropped off but it has always bounced back to continue the tradition of martial music, which always provides added enjoyment to any occasion, be it sporting or cultural. The night at the E Centre promises to be an enjoyable event and nobody is better qualified to give an account of the band’s history than Jim Foley, who is himself steeped in the tradition of music.