Fresh from staging the very successful history weekend commemorating Charleville- born Eliza Lynch, the national heroine of Paraguay, in mid-September, members of Charleville Chamber of Commerce are now promoting awards for excellence in customer care in the retail and services sectors, and in business acumen in the small to medium enterprise and industrial sectors in the town.

Mr. P. J. McCarthy, President of Charleville Chamber of Commerce, said this week that customer care is of primary importance in today’s business climate and it is essential to foster a good relationship between the customer and the business to garner the loyalty of that person, retaining their future business, and for that reason the search is on to find the person best providing excellence in customer care in Charleville town.

Likewise, the Chamber is also promoting excellence in business acumen for start-up businesses, small to medium enterprises with ten or less employees, and also larger businesses or industrial concerns with 25 or more employees. Charleville has a strong indigenous industry in dairy, engineering, environmental and health care and Charleville Chamber wants to acknowledge and promote these businesses.

Charleville Chamber is also looking for the Young Person of the Year and separately for the person who excels in volunteering for community service.

Members of the public and the business community are invited to put forward their nominees in the various categories, and the closing date for nominations is Wednesday 5th November. The winners of each category will be selected by an independent panel of adjudicators. The presen-tations will be made to the winners at a gala night in the Charleville Park Hotel on Saturday 15th Nov-ember when the guest speaker will be Millstreet’s Joanne O’Riordan.

Nomination forms will be available in retail outlets throughout Charleville or directly from Charleville Chamber of Commerce, E Centre, Baker’s Road, Charleville, or may be downloaded from the website www.charleville