Charleville Coves

Charleville Coves Home and Away Facebook page was an idea that local man John Lambert had 7 years ago. John has been living in the USA since the 1980s but has always kept that strong bond with his hometown. It occurred to him that a Facebook page where Charleville ex pats now living throughout the world could stay in contact and in doing so keep that connection to home alive. John needed some technical advice getting the page off the ground, how it would function etc. so Nessan Kavanagh stepped in to help with his IT knowledge. Things started slowly at first but when people started to understand the concept, member numbers accelerated quickly.
Charleville Coves Facebook page now has 3000 members. Unlike other Facebook pages, each new member is vetted by one of 5 admins to ensure that they have a “genuine” connection to Charleville. This helps keep the page secure for all of us. As well as that, each post submitted to the page has to be approved by an admin to also ensure that nothing offensive is shared and that posted content is of local interest to members. All this is done on a voluntary basis.
During the early days of Covid we posted a short video asking members to share old photos and memories that would be of interest and the response was overwhelming. People dug up old family pictures, town historical information, sports team and school photos etc. that hadn’t seen the light of day in generations. Some of the stuff that resurfaced was just amazing. Members shared stories of people no longer with us and of days gone by which brought back so many memories. Thankfully this participation from members has continued and along with daily updates concerning all things Charleville, The Coves Page has become a pivotal link for Beours and Coves home and away.
During early 2021 six members got together with another idea. Why not do some interviews and record these for posterity. What started as a fairly simple concept has now taken 20 months to complete. Thankfully, we now have 10 hours of content featuring local Charleville people, clubs and organisations recorded all over town by videographer Pat O’ Hara.
This has been a fantastic experience for all of us involved and we would like to thank everyone who participated, either willingly or with a small bit of persuasion.
All of this material will be available online on NOVEMBER 10th but for anyone who would prefer a set of DVDs or USB stick with all the content included you can contact PAT O’ HARA on 086-8528904.
Thanks from The Charleville Coves Video Project Team.