In a new year message to members of Charleville Chamber, the President, Mr. P. J. McCarthy, said that they are in consultative discussions with the local authority and state bodies with regard to the construction of a relief road around Charleville.

Mr. McCarthy says that the relief road is paramount to bring to fruition the projects that at present have planning permission to progress to construction, which will provide valuable jobs during construction and long term permanent jobs in the healthcare sector.

The key to attracting further investment to the area by indigenous, national and international companies is the impor-tant infrastructure of the relief road to Charleville; this is required in order that further job opportunities are secured.

“The main pillar industries that Charleville can build on are agri- food, energy, engineering and tourism. Charleville is well positioned in all these sectors to take the opportunities that are available. However, these opportunities will not come to Charleville, we need to present and promote ourselves, identify the opportunities and target our efforts towards these specific opportunities within the sectors identified,” said Mr. McCarthy.

Charleville Chamber has set up an advisory group to identify opportunities within the industry sectors highlighted above, which will work with the Enterprise Group to identify and target specific areas and projects to pursue. Separately, a tourism group is being assembled to identify the oppor-tunities in this area and benefit from tourism in Munster.