Clúid Housing Association Spring Clean!

Residents of Clúid’s Housing Scheme in Liosan Court, Gortboy, Newcastle West recently joined forces to clean up their estate. Their efforts were part of the An Taisce National Spring Clean, Ireland’s largest anti-litter initiative. Neighbours got together to pick litter around the area and improve the general appearance of their neighbourhood. The Gortboy Training Centre also participated and kindly donated a tree. Meanwhile local musician, Kevin Barry provided entertainment as the community celebrated their efforts after the Spring Clean. Clúid’s Regional Director in Limerick, Tim Porter said: “Community involvement projects like the An Taisce National Spring Clean bring a lot to schemes like Liosan Court. Thanks to the efforts of our tenants, everyone can enjoy the area that little bit more. Clúid has always been of the belief that our tenants are central to creating communities. We provide the housing, they create the home and comm-unity.” He added: “The easy bit is the bricks and mortar. What marks out Clúid above the rest is how we manage and maintain our estates. Clúid organises a number of community projects in Limerick and around the country every year in an effort to enable people to create thriving comm-unities. I am delighted to see the strength of community here in Liosan Court.”

Clúid Housing Assoc-iation is an innovative, independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides rented social housing in Limerick and around the country. As well as providing housing, the charity works to enable people to create thriving communities. Clúid’s vision is a society where everyone has a great place to live.