Limerick County Council this week moved to clarify the qualification criteria relating to applications for Social Housing Support in County Limerick following recent media reportage of the issue.

The local authority says it assesses all applicants for Social Housing Support in accordance with the Social Housing (Amend-ment) (No 2) regulations, which came into effect in April 2011. Additional qualification criteria for non-Irish nationals including European Economic Area or E.E.A. nationals, non-E.E.A. nationals, asylum seekers and refugees are set out in Department of Environ-ment, Community and Local Government guidelines issued to all local authorities in December 2012.

At a meeting of Limerick County Council on Monday, elected members were informed that there is a statutory format of application which must be submitted by all applicants, as well as defined periods for completing the assessment process

The Council said: “The assessment process is based on determining eligibility and then assessment of the need for housing. In determining a household’s eligibility the council must consider alternative accommodation, which the applicant may have available to them. All applicants in the Limerick County areas are subject to the same income limits. The income limit for a single applicant in Limerick is €30,000. There is additional provision made for further adult dependants and children. The maximum household income limit for Limerick County is €36,000.

“In determining a household’s needs, the council is required to have regard to the applicants’ current accommodation.”