Crowds turn out in force for Buttevant Protest

The people of Buttevant and surrounding areas defied inclement weather to turn out in force for a protest march in the town last Friday afternoon.

The protest march was organised by Buttevant Community Council to highlight the condition of the town’s Main Street and footpaths and for a while on Friday evening it brought traffic on the N20 to a standstill.

Marchers who assembled at Buttevant Soccer Club Grounds were divided into two groups of protesters, with one group commencing at the Mallow Road side of the town and the second group at the Charleville Road side. At 5pm both groups began the journey towards the centre of the town. Traffic coming from both Mallow and Charleville was halted, as the peaceful protest march made its presence felt.

The march was led by protesters carrying a banner declaring the reason for the protest while individual participants carried other banners all declaring the frustration and anger being endured by the people of Buttevant by the deplorable state of the surface of Main Street and the condition of the town’s footpaths. The groups covered the full street area as they proceeded to their ultimate destinations.

As the march finished, one group remained outside the National School area with their banners displayed to the oncoming traffic. The second group remained at the square area at the end of the town also displaying their relevant banners. As the traffic made its’ way through the town following the protest, a large build up, of traffic was evident. Several of the motorists hooted their vehicles’ horns acknowledging their support for the protestors’ aims.

Buttevant Community Council and the protest organising committee were delighted with the turn out on Friday and want to acknowledge and thank the people of Buttevant and surrounding areas for the support and help on highlighting the issue. A spokesperson stated: “The committee also wishes to thank Buttevant Soccer Club for the use of their facilities for the assembling of the protest march. Thanks also to the local and national media, and all other publications who highlighted the protest march.

“The committee also acknowledges the support of the local politicians who attended the protest march including Councillors Tom Sheahan, Ronan Sheehan, Jerry Mullally, Dan Joe Fitzgerald, Willie O’Regan and Melissa Mullane. Thanks to the Gardaí for their help and also the two vehicle owners who provided their vehicles as back up to the rear of both of the protest groups.” Expressing hope that the relevant authorities will sit up and take notice, the spokesperson concluded: “We hope that this peaceful protest will reach the relevant bodies, responsible for the upkeep of our roads and footpaths, and in particular, the National Roads Authority, who are ultimately responsible for the maintenance of the country’s national road network. Buttevant Community Council will keep everybody updated and informed of future further developments.”