My first meeting with David Ryall, I was escorting a group of school children with their teacher to the park on a tree planting day. It was a very interesting trip Children were shown how trees were planted. A large hole was dug out and the tree was carefully placed in the ground. Great care was taken not to disturb or damage the roots. David spoke at length to the children about many different types of trees, their names, colour, how many years they grow etc. The scenery and beauty of the park has taken me back there many times since that day in 2007. David has escorted many teachers and children around the park, talking to them about trees, plant life, animals, birds etc. David has met with many people in his years working in Doneraile Park, from people pushing buggies, to casual strollers, to joggers and dog walkers. There has been many a bus load of tourists who stopped over at the park to view the house and scenery and David with his good humour and wit was always accommodating and would spend time talking to them. He has a great history and knowledge of the park. Many a school bus also drove into Doneraile Park, be it a day trip to the playground or orienteering from different schools. David also accommodated the beaver day and cubs and scouts who spent hours in the park. There has been also annual fundraisers in Doneraile Park, many come every year to the Goal Mile. Local Bally-houra walkers who trot the grounds would have met David regularly. Much work has been done in the park in the past few years, the pipe laying from entrance, the laying of power cable, water drainage system, new playground, new car park, new tea rooms, restore hunting bridge, tarmac north park roads, restore long walk bridge, restore stag island bridge, restore ha-ha sunken bridge, restore upper weir bridge, and arch gate entrance. Together with the dedi-cated team workers of Micheal, Charlie, Bill and Danny, all this work and no doubt much more has been over seen by David. I’m sure any person who has had the privilege to know and meet David will wish him all the best in future.

David Ryall is a man for all seasons. Mise le meas Maire Ni Griofa.