Davis College community opens its heart for UkrainiaN appeal

DaviS College students and staff pictured with somer of the donations made to the Ukeraine Appeak in the school last week. A non-uniform day was also held on Friday and raised over 1,600 euro.

Davis College Student Council, in conjunction with TY representatives, have organized an appeal for the people of Ukraine. Inspired by 4th year student Patricia Januszkiewicz whose family have organised a number of trucks to carry supplies to Poland, the school community set about contributing to this worthy cause. The conflict is also close to our heart as 6th year student Arthur Kolomiiets is from Ukraine and has family there at present. The response of the entire school community was absolutely amazing and we were inundated with foodstuffs, hygiene products, baby products etc. The Student Council organised a non-uniform day on Friday last and this brought in over €1,600 which has been donated to charities working in the region. The school is hugely appreciative of the contribution of staff, students and parents to this appeal.
Engineers Week at Davis College
Engineering is one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects on offer at Davis College, and students at the school outperform students nationally, with 23% of engineering students receiving H1 versus 11% nationally in 2021.
As part of Engineers Week, the college is currently promoting the subject to highlight its benefits and the doors it opens to many excellent courses and career opportunities for students. These include engineering in areas such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Biomedical and Manufacturing, Materials. Mechanical, Manu-facturing and Materials. There are numerous and varied employment opportunities arising from Engineering, all of which are well paid and open to both boys and girls.
Engineering consists of two main components, practical project work and associated theoretical knowledge. In completing these, students are not only involved in the making and manufacture of their projects, but also in the design and development of ideas which is where their problem-solving, creativity, ingenuity and research skills come into play. Central to this is the area of mechatronics which is where mec-hanical and electronic come together in control technology, which is the part that makes projects move and work. This whole process is facilitated by the vast array of 3D printers, laser cutters etc. that the school has at its disposal.
Females in Engineering
Traditionally, engineering is and area which has been dominated by males. However, this is changing quite quickly, with many more girls entering courses and careers in engineering with enormous success. In Davis College we encourage girls to take on engineering, and those who have are doing exceptionally well.