Davis College Junior Certificate Results

The Principal of Davis College, Denis Healy, expressed his delight at the students’ attainments in this year’s Junior Certificate examinations. The largest number of students ever to sit the exams received their results yesterday from Mr. Healy, who was particularly pleased at the very high percentage of higher level subjects taken by his pupils. This year-group is the first to progress to the college’s compulsory three-year senior cycle and Mr. Healy said that he was already looking forward to seeing the group fulfil their potential at Leaving Certificate level, where he expects that many of the group will achieve very high points, as they have already demonstrated a strong focus on hard work in their first weeks in 4th year. Mr. Healy also expressed his pleasure at seeing the high rate of As and Bs attained at higher level across the curriculum and said that students deserved credit for working very hard over their three years at the college. He also thanked parents for their continuing support and encouragement.