Eanna Ní Lamhna Visits Broadford Wildlife Arboretum For Dawn Chorus

RTE Broadcaster Eanna Ni Lamhna brought over a hundred early birds to the Arboretum in Broadford on Saturday morning last to catch the dawn chorus. Everyone set their alarm clocks a little earlier to enjoy a morning of birdsong. The weather was perfect for the occasion, calm, dry, windless morning. Eanna was an absolute mine of information and had an uncanny ability of identifying birds by their call as well as impart details about their habits and habitats. The sounds of blackbirds, robins, wrens, chaffinch, woodcock, pheasants and roosters formed a wondrous symphony as soon as dawn broke. Eanna led the group through the Arboretum identifying the various species of trees and the linking of the various birds to this environment. Breakfast was served in the nearby community hall. Before Eanna departed she planted an oak tree in the arboretum to mark the occasion.