‘Eircodes’ are being dispatched to all 30,366 homes and businesses in the Mallow this week as the new national postcode system swings into gear.

Letters will be sent to every residential and businesses address in the county today, informing them of the new Eircode for that specific address.

“Fresh data shows that 45% of premises in Mallow currently share their address with 1 or more properties,” said Minister Seán Sherlock.

“This causes all sorts of problems for postal services, businesses and ambulance services when they are trying to locate local addresses. Eircode rectifies this problem by allocating every premises with their own unique code, removing the potential for any error.

“From now on, emergency services will be able to find the correct address more quickly, businesses can deliver goods and services more efficiently, while members of the public can shop easier online. It’ll also give people that extra bit of confidence that their mail now goes to the correct recipient.  In short, it will make life a little easier for people in Mallow

“I’d urge people to look out for their letter and when it arrives this week, to memorise their new Eircode and keep it somewhere handy. It’s a seven digit, easy-to-remember code that you simply add to the end of your address.

“In the meantime, if people want to log onto eircode.ie there is an online tool available where they can find out their Eircode now.”

I am pleased that it has been a Labour Minister, Alex White, who delivered it. It proves that Labour doesn’t just pay lip service to people but actually delivers on our commitments to support local communities and improve public services