Eoghan Kenny co-opted onto Cork Co. Council

Eoghan Kenny (left) who was co-opted onto Cork Co. Council this week, pictured with James Kennedy, who has retired from the council after years of dedicated service. Eoghan was selected by the Mallow Labour Party to replace James until the current term of the council ends, after which he will go before the electorate in the Local Elections.

Eoghan Kenny was this week co-opted onto Cork Co. Council, replacing his Labour Party colleague Cllr James Kennedy, who has served several terms on the council. Speaking to the Vale Star, Cllr Kenny said, “I’m privileged to get the opportunity to be co-opted to Cork County Council. I’m taking over from one of the most dedicated and well-respected local politicians in Mallow. I’m continuing a strong Labour Party tradition in Mallow, starting with the late Joe Sherlock, his son Seán, Jerry Mullally, Ronan Sheehan and James Kennedy.”
He continued, “I’m very passionate about my community. I was born, raised and live in Mallow. To receive this opportunity now, to represent the people of Mallow, is a real honour. I am looking forward to this undertaking, working with my great friend and colleague in Mallow, Seán Sherlock TD, on behalf of the Mallow people, and working with my fellow Labour councillor in County Hall, Cathal Rasmussen.
“Our town in Mallow and its environs face so many challenges right now. I’m a young man, 24 years old, a new generation of politics in Mallow, and I feel I have the drive, energy, enthusiasm and passion to find solutions to these challenges and work hard on behalf of the people.
“Although there are very few months left on this council term, I have many priorities for Mallow and the surrounding towns and villages. Mallow has many recurring issues that don’t seem to be getting solved. Our main street is plagued with dereliction and vacancy, which does not represent the welcoming environment coming from our bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and public amenities. We need sustainable accommodation of a high standard on our main street, not any sort of bedsit or hostel style of accommodation. I want to make sure we make our main street a hub of vibrant activity.
“We need to keep advocating and promoting Mallow General Hospital, with the future now secured with the 48 single-bed expansion, spearheaded by Seán Sherlock. We need the best public infrastructure possible, and secure the funds for the Mallow to Dungarvan Greenway.
“My biggest priority is finding a solution to our biggest crisis in Mallow, traffic congestion. This should be solved with the building of the Mallow Relief Road, as soon as possible! The abysmal €300,000 that we received in Mallow to progress the relief road is a pittance compared to what we need to progress the relief road significantly. We need to call out the government on this pitiful amount of funding, and to stop with this piecemeal approach and get the funding to get the relief road to planning and get shovels on the ground to solve one of the worst traffic congestion crisis in the whole of Cork County. This funding must be secured and the FF and FG councillors and TDs in the area must own this setback and account for it.
“These priorities, along with many others, directly affect the people of Mallow and its environs and at the end of the day that is our job as public representatives, to work on behalf of the people and solve the issues to make Mallow and its environs great communities to work, live and socialise in.
“I’m privileged to get this opportunity. I’m very much looking forward to working on behalf of the people of Mallow, working with our TD in Mallow, Seán Sherlock, my party colleague in County Hall, Cathal Rasmussen, and all of the 55 councillors in Cork County,” he concluded.