Limerick City and County Council is investigating a water pollution incident in the Drumcamogue river, a tributary of the Camogue River, near Knocklong.

The local authority is monitoring the incident in association with Inland Fisheries Ireland, but it is believed that an extensive number of trout and salmon may have been killed.

IFI Officers attended the site and spent Monday evening and all day Tuesday walking the area both upstream and downstream of the initial site to assess the extent of the fish kill and polluted area.

4,300 fish mortalities have been estimated so far for a 2¾ km stretch of prime nursery area between Ballycahill bridge and Knocklong. The majority of mortalities were juvenile trout but over 100 adult trout brood stock have also been recorded. Other species found include salmon, crayfish, stickleback, minnow and stone loach.

The pollution has been attributed to agricultural effluent and the source is unconfirmed at this time, but IFI is working closely with both Limerick and Tipperary County Councils in investigating the matter.

Limerick City and County Council has reassured members of the public that there is no danger to the public water supply.