Fireworks to light up Mallow and Blackwater Valley on New Year’s Eve

A magical fireworks display is set to light up the sky in Mallow and for miles around Mallow on New Year’s Eve. Cllr. Noel O’Connor, Mayor of the County of Cork and Mallow Town Councillor, has again this year co-ordinated the second annual family-friendly firework display in Mallow. The display will take place on an area adjacent to the car park of the Arches Bar. The Arches is a vantage point to view the display, but in effect anywhere along the Blackwater Valley and from the hills around the valley will provide good viewing places. In order to create an athmosphere in the Arches on that night, there will be a DJ on a reviewing stage from 9.00pm. Even though One Direction will not be in attendance, their music will definitely be played to entertain the many young people who will be there with their parents, uncles, aunts and grannies. Many of Mallow’s dignitaries will be invited on stage to greet the families assembled. Mayor of Mallow John Griffin will be there, along with the County Mayor Noel O Connor, President of the Chamber of Commerce Kevin O’Keeffe, and Town Manager Tom Stritch.

Mayor O’Connor, speaking to the Vale/Mallow Star, said “I am delighted that once again, following the success of last year’s New Year’s Eve event in Mallow , the town and surrounds will be in for a treat again this year in the form of a fireworks display at 10.30pm. This is a real family event and it is a free event, which is very important in the present difficult financial times for families. With a starting time of an hour and a half before midnight, this gives a chance for the families to keep the young folk up a little later than usual. This also gives the adults the time to get to their local events before the magic midnight hour”.

Continuing, Mayor O’Connor said, “This is an event for all of North Cork. Blackwater Valley Tourism, with its remit of marketing events in the valley, has once again come up with financial support for this New Year’s event. A special thank you must go also to Mallow Town Council, whose members also agreed to support financially the fireworks display. The third sponsor of the event comes from the private sector, namely the Horgan family, owners of the Arches. This coming together of the public and the private sector, to provide an event which will probably bring into Mallow an estimated 8,000 people on New Year’s Eve, is a wonderful model of co-operation to provide a free community event which will be enjoyed by people of all ages. These family members, young, old and not so old, will be taking up vantage viewing points along the Town Park, and on higher ground overlooking the river valley for miles around and of course many more will choose to come to the Arches to join in the family fun musical ‘ build up’ to the display in the well-lit car park there.”

“I am encouraging residents’ associations in the higher parts of Mallow to consider organising new year’s eve community gathering parties in their estates. This will be the last event of the Year of the Gathering in County Cork, which will mark the end of this Gathering year. As Mayor of the County of Cork, I am very pleased that this fireworks display on the Blackwater Valley in Mallow, is a fitting end event for a year which has changed the way communities think of themselves. I have attended Gathering events in all parts of the county, from Eyries in the Beara Peninsula to Conna , from Skibbereen to Macroom, where our County Cork diaspora returned in their hundreds to renew acquaintances in this Year of the Gathering. So I am putting out a call to anyone returning to Cork in and around the New Year, they would be more than welcome in Mallow for the closing event of the Year of the Gathering in Cork County. Incidentally, last year many young parents from Cork city brought their young children to the New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display in Mallow. Sure it’s only a half an hour down the road, or should I say up the road. The people of Mallow are very welcoming to visitors from Cork city.”

“Finally, once again this year there will be a photographic competition in conjunction with the fireworks display. All photographers are welcome to participate in the competition. All you have to do to enter is to take your photographs of the fireworks display. Look up the Mallow Town website where you will see instructions on sending your entries by e-mail to the Town Council. Only one entry per person is allowed. All entries will be displayed on the Mallow Town Council website. The competition will be judged by Steve Murphy of the Mallow Star (thank you Steve), John Doheny and Terence O’Neill. Camera clubs are welcome and it should be noted that one of last year’s winners came from Midleton. So, if you are a member of a camera club, or if you get a camera for Christmas, why not come to Mallow on New Year’s Eve at 10.30pm and take your photos of the magical fireworks display in the town.”