Flotilla from Askeaton to  Adare to demonstrate the viability of quay project

Adare Community Trust (ACT), over a six month period, is researching the reopening of the quay on the Kildimo road, ‘Pope’s Quay’, with a view to est-ablishing a water recreation facility on the Maigue.
Recently ACT committee member Captain Kevin Cribbin demonstrated the credibility of providing this facility from the quay.
He writes, “The trip up the Maigue was arranged at very short notice. Four boats with a total crew of nine left Askeaton at 11.30am, entered the mouth of the Maigue on an incoming tide at around1.00pm and arrived in Adare at 2.45pm. Some of us managed to scramble up the bank and get up to Lena’s for a coffee before leaving Adare at around 4.30pm on the outgoing tide. We returned to Askeaton at around 8.15pm.
The sail up the Maigue was just beautiful. It is an amazing amenity to have on our doorstep, and because it is inaccessible it is virtually unknown. There is no sign of human life or activity – just ducks, swans and wildfowl. It might not be for everyone, but canoeists, kayakers, boaters, photographers, naturalists, bird watchers and anyone interested in a unique natural environment would love it.
The river is quite deep all the way up to just before the railway bridge (3m+) at Adare. Apart from a strong current and a tidal rise and fall of over 3m every six hours, there are no particular risks to the safe-ty of experienced boaters, kayakers or canoeists. There is plenty of head-room under Ferrybridge.
The trip up the Shannon from Askeaton is also very interesting but is hard work – definitely not for everyone.
Three of the boats were good sized crafts and able to get within four to five metres of the quay, proving that it should be relatively easy to provide safe and proper access to the river and all it has to offer as a recrea-tion amenity to Adare residents and our visitors.”
Captain Kevin Cribbin, on behalf of Adare Commu-nity Trust, thanks Tom and Catherine Fitzgerald, Ben Shire, Edgar Heenan and Cyril Ryan for their invaluable assistance with this most enjoyable event. ACT acknowledges the support of Limerick City and County Council and West Limerick Resources.