Free-car parking plus ‘angels’ in town for December!

In an effort to attract shoppers to Mallow for the Christmas season, Mallow Town Council has announced that there will be free parking in all off-street car parks in the town from Friday, December 6th to Thursday, 2nd January. People will be able to park all day in any car park, but pay parking will continue on the streets. Mallow Chamber has added a novel parking initiative, with ‘parking angels’ on the Main Street every Friday from 12 noon to 2pm, handing out 20 cent coins to motorists so that they can enjoy 15 minutes of free parking.

Cllr. Ronan Sheehan has welcomed the free parking initiative, but asked traders and employees not to use up car spaces by parking in them all day, as this would be counter-productive to the aim of attracting shoppers to Mallow.