Friday is moment of truth for M20 Motorway

The launch of the National Planning Framework (NPF) will take place this Friday, and Mallow, Butte-vant and Charleville are hoping that the go-ahead will be given for the Cork-Limerick Motorway, despite the fact that Edgar Morgenroth, a Professor of Economics at Dublin City University, said in recent days that the M20 would encourage “a sprawled-out population” which would impact poorly on the cities of Cork and Limerick.
Cllr. John Paul O’Shea disagreed this week with the professor’s comments, saying: “All the surveys and independent reports that have been done said that we need to link cities like Cork and Limerick. The current road, the N20 that runs from Cork to Limerick, is severely overcrowded. There is more to this than just basic road infrastructure. It is about enhancing the towns that lead off it to make sure they become stronger and bigger. Towns off it can flourish and develop and become feeder towns to the large cities.”