Friends purchase state-of-the-art equipment for St Ita’s Rehab Unit

Fergus Scanlan (left), on behalf of the Friends of St. Ita’s, handing over a set of high- tech high-spec rehab equipment to Hayden Gilbert, Senior O.T. of St. Ita’s Sunflower Rehab Unit, purchased by the Friends at a cost of €63,500. Also pictured, Helen Galvin, Assistant Director of Nursing, St. Ita’s Hospital, and Mary Walsh, Recreation Co-Ordinatorl.

The Friends of St. Ita’s this week announced that they have funded the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment for the St. Ita’s Rehab Unit, costing €63,500. Fergus Scanlan, Chairman of the Friends said that the purchase marks the dawn of a new and exciting era in the field of rehabilitation treatment, comprising two systems, the Tyromotion Pablo Rehab System and the Tyromotion Myro Rehab System, which have been described by St. Ita’s Rehab staff as “state-of-the-art interactive visuo/audio-motor technology devices which will be incorporated into daily therapy sessions as well as being used by patients to carry out individualised interventions on a 7-day basis. All of this assists to maximise patients’ rehab potential while minimising length of in-patient stay as it promotes 7-day week rehab without additional manpower costs”.
Rehab Staff also commented, “This addition to our service will greatly enhance the profile of St. Ita’s Rehab Unit, both locally and nationally, as leaders in the use of novel interdisciplinary progressive technology and provision of 7-day week input.”
These Staff comments speak for themselves as to the unquestionable value of this investment by the Friends, particularly considering the benefit of expediting the rehab process and so freeing up bed availability, but most importantly, the sense of patient self-motivation and achievement being gained is invaluable – as mentioned. To further complement this very exciting development, it is understood that St. Ita’s has the proud distinction of being one of the first, if not the first hospital in the country to get this much-sought-after technology.
Still speaking of rehab, the Friends are delighted to report that St. Ita’s has been allocated ten extra rehab beds which are expected to come on stream in the very near future (possibly next month). At the moment, recruitment of staff to run the extra beds is in progress and as well as this an additional consultant is being appointed to manage the unit.
All hugely positive, and if that’s not enough exciting news, it is also understood that the upgrade of 16 long-stay patient beds (which has been in the pipeline since 2015) is back on track with work on this project due to commence very shortly. In addition, it will include two palliative in-patient beds – so very badly needed and long, long overdue.
The Friends are also delighted to report that broadband has now been fully installed in St. Ita’s with WiFi available to all residents and patients throughout the entire hospital and all done courtesy of the Friends at a cost of €15,000 which we were only too happy to do for such a worthy cause – which is of course, for our much-loved residents and patients who have been through so very, very much due to Covid-19.
But, thank the good Lord we seem to have turned a corner, with the future looking much brighter now with all residents, patients and staff fully vaccinated and visits (although still limited) resumed which is all really great. Also, for Easter the Friends bought Easter eggs for all 75 residents and patients and as well we got our regular musicians – Maura Nolan and Eamon Cronin (Fast Eddie) to record music sessions which were played back to them using the system which the Friends have provided in St. Ita’s for that purpose.
Emmet Scanlan also did a session for them and hopefully soon they will have their regular live music back again – le cúnamh Dé.

While it is wonderful to be the harbinger of good news, unfortunately it is not so good in relation to fundraising which has suffered badly because of Covid and the restrictions it has imposed on all of us. Indeed, the only fundraiser we have had in recent months was the Theresa Doyle McMahon ‘Le Cheile’ CD fundraiser which raised the very generous sum of €6,600, for which we owe huge gratitude to Theresa and all involved in its production. And also of course our grateful thanks to all who supported this fundraiser so generously.
As the Friends we have been lucky to have funds in reserve which have enabled us to fund some quite expensive projects and improvements over the last 18 months for the benefit of the residents and patients in St. Ita’s.
The following is just a brief summary of what we have been funding; specialised rehab equipment – €63,500; broadband installation €15,000; refurbishment of the Rehab Unit €20,430; refurbishment of St. Ita’s Chapel €26,900; refurbishment of some other patient units €11,350; purchase of various equipment for St. Ita’s €34,500; and three ‘Magic Tables’ for patient entertainment, €26,000. All this expenditure came to a very hefty total of €197,680, but to emphasise again the Friends are absolutely delighted to do this and, as already stated, it is all geared towards improving the standard and quality of care and comfort of the residents and patients which is of course the objective of our ongoing fundraising campaign.
In this regard, I would also hasten to add (as always) we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our many, many wonderful supporters for their outstanding support and generosity over these last 18 years in helping us achieve that objective. And so, as we plough ahead in our endeavours to maintain that momentum, we must once again appeal to your generosity for your kind help and support by way of a donation or maybe some sort of fundraising activity on our behalf. Needless to say, whatever you can do or whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. And just to remember it is all for the residents and patients from this community who find themselves in the care of St. Ita’s.
In relation to donations the Friends would like to take this opportunity to thank the very many kind supporters who have given, and continue to give personal donations – needless to say they are greatly appreciated!
We conclude by wishing all the residents and patients God’s blessing and good health and to reassure them that we are always there for them to help out in any and every way we can.
Likewise, to management and staff we compliment them on the wonderful job they continue to do in keeping Covid-19 at bay while at the same time continuing to provide the first-class service for which they are renowned and in this regard the Friends assure them of our ongoing full support.
Finally, and as ever, we say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our wonderful supporters and acknowledge once again your enormous generosity which continues to be the life-blood of our outstanding success to-date – for this we can never thank you enough, and this we say with the utmost sincerity.
As ever we conclude with a ‘big thank you’ to the wonderful staff at the Weekly Observer for your outstanding support over these last 18 years which, needless to say is truly appreciated – Go raibh mhile maith agat! Note any donations to be sent or dropped into St. Ita’s Hospital and addressed to the Friends of St. Ita’s Hospital.