From Dromina to India – JP offers HOPE to street children

JP  O'Sullivan with TV3's Deric Hartigan filming in Kolkata, India.

JP O’Sullivan with TV3’s Deric Hartigan filming in Kolkata, India.

JP O’Sullivan, Director of The Hope Foundation UK is appealing to his fellow north Cork community this Christmas to help support the street children of Kolkata. JP has been working with the children of India since 2007 and has lived in India for extended periods. Speaking about the poverty, JP said, “To be offered a child’s life for 50 cent is not something which we can consider in any community in the world. To be handed a newborn and asked to take them away for a ‘better life’ is not something we can imagine here at home. North Cork has always fostered a great sense of community and it is from Dromina and Charleville that I learned what it is to be aware of those around us. Charity does begin at home. It just depends which home, wherever in the world, you were born into. From primary school in Dromina, Mrs. Drinan and Master Clarson always fostered the notion of giving back to other people, and they were extremely influential in directing my future. Carol Merrick, CBS Charleville developed this early learning and helped to mould it into demonstrative giving. We are a nation of donors. We give because we, as a nation, recognise the need elsewhere.”

“HOPE has reached out to hundreds of thousands of children in India. It has developed unique platforms of change and has led communities towards better lives. Change does not always mean money – change means listening, hearing, caring, picking up and guiding. Everyone has the ability to lead change. “

Over the years, JP has worked out of the Indian office and the Cork office, and has been leading the UK branch for two years as well as participating in the launch of HOPE USA. This Christmas, JP leads an appeal to help support the children of Kolkata. “As much as I like a coffee myself, I ask each reader to donate the price of one coffee to HOPE for Christmas. It will feed a child for a week. Please visit to help change a life. Thank you!”