Funding announced for Mallow relief road motorway

The M20 Cork Limerick Motorway and Mallow Relief Road are just two projects allocated funding for the coming year, it has been announced by Tran-sport Infrastructure Ireland. €2.15 million has been allocated to develop-ing the motorway project, while €300,000 has been given to the town’s relief road. Other projects to be granted funding include the N73 Annakissa South Improvement Scheme (€250,000), N20 Mallow Southern Approach Pavement Inlay/Overlay (€980,000), and design of N72 Annabella to Lack-namona Pavement Streng-thening (€500,000),
Cllr John Paul O’Shea welcomed the 2019 alloc-ation of funding for national roads in Cork County. The total figure of €36,65,812 represents a 100% increase compared to 2018. “It is important to see funding continue to be allocated to advance projects like the M20 and the N72/N73 Mallow Relief Road. Likewise, we must continue to upgrade our existing national road network, therefore the pavement improvements and overlay works are also very welcome.
“Funding for local and regional roads is to be announced over the coming weeks by the Department of Transport,” he added.