Gold all round for Pyramid Gymnastics Club

Pyramid Gymnastics Club members with their trophies and medals after the Halloween Acrobatics Classic in Galway recently. Photo, S. Murphy.

What a day we had as a club in Galway for the Halloween Acrobatics classic. 34 members from Pyramid Gymnastics Club travelled to Tuam for a fun gymnastics event. Fionnuala Dooley was the host for the day and she did not disappoint. The entertainment was second to none, with games, tricks, treats and some amazing costumes from parents, coaches and gymnasts alike. It was hard to believe we were at a gymnastics competition.
The event started with our Grade 1 pairs of Niamh Heavin, Nessa Herlihy, Ailbhe Dinan and Lucy Flynn. These pairs were completely new to acrobatics and our youngest competitors of the day. Both pairs were fantastic, remembering full routines to music, choreography, as well as their balances and dynamic elements.
Next up was our grade 5 and youth trios of Lauren Sheehan, Niamh O’Donovan, Abbie Griffin, Sarah Jane Clifford, Chloe Savage and Grace Crowley performing steady balances, high flying somersaults and individual elements with great ease. Lauren, Niamh and Abbie performed a lively, energetic routine with some fabulous dynamic moves from Abbie. Sarah Jane, Chloe and Grace performed an elegant, graceful and stylish routine to win the highest artistry score of the day. An amazing achievement by this wonderful trio.
Our Grade 2 pairs and groups did the club so proud as for most of these gymnasts it was there first time out at such an event. Routines were performed effortlessly showing great poise, control and balance. A very positive experience was had by all. In this section we had Lucy O’Rourke, Mia Hickey, Emily Murray, Amelia Hughes, Aoife Kneeshaw, Daisy McSherry, Laoise Morris, Sophie Galvin and Sophia Kirwan.
And last but not least we had our grade 3 and grade 4 pairs and trios. These girls made a lasting impression on the judges with their innovative routines, their style and polish from start to finish. We had very young tops with bases as young as 11 and 12 and they did not faulter. Also in this section, Aoidin O’Sullivan and Ava Sheehan took the trophies for the highest execution score. The girls had moved up a level from their last event so this was a massive accomplishment for these young girls. Competing at these levels we had Caoimhe O’Riordan, Nicole Sheehan, Grace Crowley, Aoidin O’Sullivan, Ava Sheehan, Lauren Hogan, Kelsey Norris, Roisin Morris, Meabh Dorgan, Kate Barrett, Tara Crowley, Freya Flynn, Kila O’Donovan, Mia Ringrose and Abbie Feehan.

Gold medal winners
Chloe Savage, Sarah Jane Clifford, Grace Crowley – Grade 5.
Lauren Sheehan, Niamh O’Donovan, Abbie Griffin – Youth.
Nicole Sheehan, Caoimhe O’Riordan, Grace Crowley – Grade 4.
Aoidin O’Sullivan, Ava Sheehan – Grade 4.
Kelsey Norris, Lauren Hogan, Roisin Morris – Grade 3.
Abbie Feehan, Mia Ringrose – Grade 3.
Mia Hickey, Lucy O’Rourke, Emily Murray – Grade 2.
Daisy McSherry, Laoise Morris – Grade 2.
Niamh Heavin , Nessa Herlihy – Grade 1.

Silver medal winners
Kila O’Donovan, Freya Flynn – Grade 3.
Sophie Galvin, Sophia Kirwan – Grade 2.
Ailbhe Dinan, Lucy Flynn – Grade 1.

Bronze medal winners
Meabh Dorgan, Kate Barrett, Tara Crowley – Grade 3.
Amelia Hughes, Aoife Kneeshaw – Grade 2.
We would like to wish all of the seniors the best of luck in Scotland this weekend.