Hands on learning experience for 2nd year Science students at CBS Charleville

As part of the new Junior Certificate Science Spec-ification, 2nd year students in CBS Charleville recently spent some time in the outdoor classroom that borders the school campus – the local stream (Glen River/Charleville Stream) that diverts around the town.
Such a hands on and active learning experience supports the key skills development aspect of the Junior Cycle – Being Creative, Communicating, Working with Others, Managing Information and Thinking, Staying Well, Managing Myself, Being Numerate, Being Literate.
This investigation in the local stream allowed students explore pollution and its effect on the local environment. Through this initial discovery process they were able to explore larger issues including the impact of pollution on climate change, environ-mental management and sustainability. As an Edmund Rice school we are also supporting the development of an understanding and empathy for environmental issues and never before has this been more important than with the current generation of young people. With their teacher Mr Reidy the students are exploring their own areas of interest in Science and this will support them in deciding the topics for the Junior Cycle Classroom Based Assessments (CBA) in Science. The skills dev-eloped during the course of this module will help the students approach the CBA effectively to showcase their own learning.
Well done to all students involved and their teacher Mr Reidy. This interactive, hands on and active learning approach forms part of the daily learning experiences of our students here in CBS Charleville as we excel in teaching, create community, nurture faith, promote partnership and inspire leadership as an Edmund Rice School.