Harvest Festival At St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church of Ireland, Kilmallock

Talents abounded when a group of young girls and their mothers got together with lay minister Barbara Bingham of Ss Peter and St Paul’s Church of Ireland in Kilmallock over the summer months. Not only did they make three prayer cushions for the altar rail depicting the nine fruits of the Spirit as described by St Paul (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) but became great friends in the process. It began with Sharon Barrett asking if she could make some cushions for the church; she shared her vision with her school friends Ailbhe, Elaine and Rowena. Laura from Kilpeacon church joined them and so began a wonderful group of young enthusiastic teenagers who articulated in a very contemporary way their definition of what it is to use God’s gifts in this challenging world. Mums Carmel, Eileen, Phoebe, Tab and Sylvia joined them with artistic skills, cutting and support. And so Love became a picture of two rings intertwined, while Joy was of young folk jumping into the air in front of a cross. Peace was a beautiful white dove amid ripples, Patience was depicted with a boat navigating the calm waters between huge waves and Kindness was the traced hands of all the sewers open and willing to help. Goodness showed the love of a mother for her child and Faithfulness showed large wide-spread roots to an old and knarled tree. Gentleness was a seated lamb and Self control showed ecstasy tablets, drink and sex symbols behind a bible.

Much thanks is given to Kellett Interiors of Kildimo who supplied the material and to Margaret and Jamal of the Deebert Hotel. Sincere thanks also to Gillian Sheehan who inspired us with her prize winning samples of Applieque work and her instruction.