Charleville’s contribution to National Heritage Week will consist of a conducted walk tour, a performance at the Schoolyard Theatre and a possible commem-oration of the 150th anniversary of the coming of the Christian Brothers to the town. The walking tour will be on Sunday the 28th August taking in the illustrations of local sites on the historical map of the town which was published earlier this year by the Heritage Department of Cork County Council and which has been such a success with local people.
The map was produced by the heritage department of Cork County Council with the co-operation of members of Charleville Heritage Society and they will be on hand to talk attendees through the various locations as depicted on the map. There are 26 locations of historical significance listed on the map ranging from Charleville Park House to the Sean Clarach MacDomhnaill Monument in Holy Cross Cemetery to Holy Cross Church, the Market House, Moatville House, the Weavers’ Cottages, the Pavilion Cinema at Clancy Terrace, the former C.B.S. and the Bruce Family Vault, to mention but some.
Each location and building has its own unique connection with the history of Charleville and its evolution through the ages and this will be explained by a number of speakers throughout the tour, which will be led by Heritage Society chairman Ian Doyle. The assembly point will be at the Town Plaza at 2.15pm and it is estimated that the tour will take about two hours to complete. “We will get to as many locations denoted on the map as possible within that time scale and give as much time as is necessary to explain the historical elements of each location, as well as time for questions,” said Heritage chairman Ian Doyle.
In other events it is hoped that an evening to commemorate the 150 years of the Christian Brothers in Charleville will be held during this week. There will also be a performance at the Schoolyard Theatre to mark heritage week. With regard to the CBS commemoration a group of interested people are due to meet this week to finalise arrangements to bring past pupils of the C.B.S. together to celebrate the influence of the Brothers on generations of boys and men from Charleville town and wider area. Should the outcome of this meeting be positive full details of the planned event will be available for publication next week.