IT for the Workplace Training Course

Avondhu Blackwater Partnership has announced upcoming training in the workplace IT sector. This course is ideal for those interested in computers but who need up skilling to cope with changing and developing IT requirements in employment. It is also ideal for the person who wishes to pursue further training in a very specific IT sector but would like a broad taster introduction to careers in the IT industry.  

 Often job seekers require an understanding of how IT is applied in the workplace, such as in warehousing, distribution, transport and logistics positions as a means of transferring their skills to new work areas. The crucial point is that this course is designed to facilitate those who perhaps do not have formal qualifications but have relevant work experience and who have transferrable skills that can be fine-tuned with specific training provision.  

 This course has been designed to form a broad taster of IT applications in workplace settings.  It will provide a step towards more specific in depth training for some and provide a practical aptitude for IT in work places for others. 

 Participants do not need to have extensive knowledge in IT but they do need to have an interest in computer languages, computer programming and how it applies in the work place. 

 There is an entry criteria for this course and very limited places, if you think this course can help you in your route towards employment, please contact Caitriona Horgan at 025/33411 to discuss.

Prize Draw Winners!

Following last week’s attendance at the Ploughing Championships Avondhu Blackwater Partnership held their prize draw, with the rewards on offer consisting of vouchers from some of North Cork’s premier businesses. The winners of the draw were Lisa O’Connor (Clanard, Co. Wexford), Una Blackburne (Mitchl-estown), Alice Kidney (Cobh), Elma Downey (Ovens), Kay Boles (Charleville), and Mary Kehoe (Adamstown, Co. Wexford). Congratulations to all!