Jerry Sheehan Art Exhibition

Jerry Sheehan was born in Tournafulla, Co. Limerick in 1933. He attended the local National School and as was common practice at the time, finished his schooling at 14 to work for a neighbouring farmer. After three years, seeking adventure and opportunity he joined the Irish Army serving with distinction as a U.N peace keeper in both the Belgian Congo and Cyprus. On leaving the army, his duty done, he returned to live amongst his own. In 2005 following ill health Jerry came to reside in St. Ita’s Hospital. In 2008 his creative side was engaged by the Occupational Therapy Department’s Art Programme. Though not comfortable initially with painting as a form of expression he developed his technique by creating still life in abstract style. With growing confidence he has found his own voice, drawing inspiration from his interest in Irish painting, literature, music and traditions. In what is his first solo show, Jerry through the medium of oils, with his bold use of colour is now recreating seascapes, landscapes and scenes from Irish rural life.

Jerry’s ambition is to produce an oil painting of the Church in Tournafulla in appreciation of the people past and present and their Gaelic tradition of song and dance. He would like to think of himself as “A True Irish Man”.

Jerry’s first solo visual arts exhibition was opened last Thursday night and is running until Tuesday 22nd May in Newcastle West Library.