Kilmallock Lights Up For Christmas 2020

Kilmallock Lights Up For Christmas 2020 – Photo John Mortell

On a cold December evening in the medieval town of Kilmallock the darkness was suddenly changed to the brightness of the festive season with the official switching on of the Christmas Lights in the town. An array of colour and twinkles in many shapes and colours shone brightly on strange difficult times.
The stand out feature in this year’s display is the creation of a 1950s-1960s style toy shop in what is locally know as Frasers Corner complete with many authentic original toys from 1958 and 1960 very kindly given on loan to the Christmas Lights committee. This is a must see for all ages to relive some childhood memories and for the younger generation to see what children asked Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve when there were no Playstations or other consoles. This is really worth a visit.
The lights were all put in place and connected by Max Hennessey and the dedicated CE scheme staff. Max said, “We look forward to lighting up our town every year and especially this year we wanted to shine a ray of hope on Kilmallock in these strange times. We also take down the lights and keep them in careful storage over the year in preparation for the following year. We were delighted to light up Kilmallock and we hope it brings some joy and festive spirit.” Max also told me, “He is already thinking about a few new ideas for Christmas 2021 when hopefully things will have returned to normal.”
The Christmas Lights Committee would like to thank the volunteers who dedicated their time and support to the lighting up of Kilmallock for 2020. The committee would also like to thank everyone who organised and donated items or who contributed to the fabulous window displays.
The Christmas Lights committee would like to wish all involved and everyone a very happy, prosperous and safe festive season.