Back in March of this year, a group of staff at St. Joseph’s Foundation met and began to bounce a few fundraising ideas around.

This was done in part, due to significant cuts to budgets in the past number of years, and also to increase morale for staff, service users and their families.

The idea for a CYCLE, WALK, RUN, was tested among staff, and received positive feedback from all who heard about it, so the committee decided to run with it.

Money raised will be used to provide emergency funding and also for the upkeep of respite care, an extremely important and highly valued aspect of care provided by the St. Joseph’s Foundation for families and service users.

The Cycle, Walk Run Committee at St. Joseph’s Foundation hope to develop this new event into an annual festival of fun, promoting healthy living through exercise, and to boost overall morale both within and outside of the Foundation.

Anyone interested in taking part can Register on line at,

Register on the day in St. Joseph’s Foundation between 11am and 11.45am. To follow the build up to the day you can also find us on Facebook