The fund-raising total for the Abseil event in aid of Chernobyl Children International at the Aviva over the weekend of 1st and 2nd October currently stands at €35,000 with money still coming in – the 4 West Limerick abseilers Tara Doab, Noel Corbett, Stephen Hurley and Liam Doab have so far raised €1,143 and are extremely grateful to their many generous sponsors.

This is a wonderful achievement for everyone involved and all of the monies raised are going directly to the ‘Homes of Hope’ project of Chernobyl Children International (CCI).

CCI’s ‘Homes of Hope’ initiative was developed as part of its overall policy to

de-institutionalise children which means moving them from orphanages and institutions in Belarus into loving homes of their own. The objective is to eventually shut down the orphanages forever!

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Protection in Belarus, and utilising a rigorous vetting process, foster parents are selected for each ‘Home of Hope’ which then becomes home to ten previously abandoned or institutionalised children helping them to find love, happiness and support in a family environment.

There are currently 24 ‘Homes of Hope’ established in Belarus meaning that over 200 otherwise desolate little souls can now live in the comfort of a family home of their very own. The aim of CCI each year is to purchase 5 more homes. The average cost of buying and setting up a ‘Home of Hope’ is €50,000 so all donations are very much appreciated.