Lockdown won’t stop us learning!

Roslyn Napier wrote an acrostic poem on Covid.

Schools around the country may be closed due to lock-down, yet nothing is stopping Mallow Convent Primary School pupils from continuing to learn at home. Pupils are learning remotely via their Convent Primary School App which allows teachers to communicate directly with pupils and parents. As well as knuckling down to the usual academics, pupils have been busy extending their knowledge and learning amazing new skillsets during lockdown. Convent Primary School management and staff are in awe of the resilience, creativity, innovation and enthusiasm displayed by both our pupils and their parents during these unprecedented times.
Taylor Coughlan in 4th class has been busy with her books, enjoying the fine weather outdoors and baking. She also drew a very scary picture depicting what she thinks Covid-19 looks like. Isabelle Cronin in 2nd class has been enjoying doing art at home and has created a beautiful picture in support of our frontline workers. Laila Horgan in 4th class has been striking the perfect balance at home between schoolwork and having fun in the sun with her brothers in their paddling pool. Aoife Cashman in 5th class has been busy taking care of her pet bunny rabbit and enjoying all the extra cuddles! She has also been practising her cookery skills baking in the kitchen. Clodagh O’Keeffe in 4th class has been enjoying the opportunity to do art outdoors as well as getting out exercising and exploring in nature. Nina Velkovska in 3rd class has demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills by setting up a Home Cinema, complete with ticket sales, designated screens and toilets! Nina also enjoyed a picnic in the boot of her family car with her siblings Mia (past pupil) and brother Zak. Doireann Owens in 3rd class has been enjoying some exercise on her scooter and has been taking advantage of the fine weather and planting flowers at home. Ella Crummey in 5th class is as diligent as ever and has been beavering away with her school books and learning on her laptop. Julie Galvin in 1st class has been busy baking scones in the kitchen and enjoying the delicious fruits of her labour with her brother Conor. Aoife Cannon in 5th class designed her own Lockdown Marathon Challenge whereby she completes 2kms each day. When she’s not running, you’ll find Aoife busy doing project work!
Now, more than ever, child wellbeing and positive mental health is at the forefront of our agenda at the Convent Primary School Mallow. Convent staff commend the huge support and co-operation they have received from pupils and parents who have wholeheartedly embraced the challenges of home-school learning. Pupils are looking forward to schools re-opening in the future, but for now will continue to impress with their extraordinary creativity and talent. Well done everyone!