Major Announcement Due From Charleville GAA Club


Officials of Charleville GAA club gathered this week to reveal initial details of a major announcement which is set to take place this month and which they are promising will be “the biggest news story in North Cork GAA this summer!”.

No firm details about this announcement have been revealed by the club yet but club members and the public are invited to a Public Event at 9pm, on Friday 17th June at the showrooms of club sponsors – Cavanaghs of Charleville – to be briefed on this major announ-cement.

There has been a lot of speculation in recent weeks, both around the club and in the town itself, about what this announce-ment might be. What is known, at this point, is that club sponsors – Cavanaghs of Charleville – are keen to mark their 40th year of association with the club with a major announce-ment. The exact details of what the club and its major sponsor is planning are remaining tightly guarded until the big night.

Club members, players, trainers, officials and the people of the town are all invited along to Cavanaghs of Charleville on Friday week at 9pm where the big unveiling will take place and full details will be disclosed on the night itself. Entertainment and refreshments will be laid on for the evening and club officials are expecting a large crowd of supporters to attend.