Mallow’s first ‘Colour Run’ to take place on February 23rd

The Young Social Innovators at St. Mary’s Secondary School are hosting Mallow’s first ever colour run on Sunday 23rd February at 12 noon. The aim of this event is to raise awareness for their S.T.O.P campaign (Stop Trafficking of People). Human trafficking has become a growing and very lucrative illegal business in Ireland with many falling victim, particularly women and children. The Young Social Innovators (YSI) class want to do something to help those who fall victim to human trafficking. They aim to do this by raising as much awareness as possible; the Colour Run being one of their many planned activities to raise such awareness. Proceeds from the run are being donated to anti human trafficking organisations ‘Act to Prevent Trafficking’ (ATP) and ‘Turn Off The Red Light’.

This Colour Run will be set out over a 5km course around Mallow, starting at St. Mary’s Secondary School at 12 noon on Sunday 23rd February. Public registration will take place at the Hibernian Hotel from 10am until 2pm on Saturday, 8th February. Registration forms and details of the route are also available for download from the school website wwwHYPERLINK “” under the 5K Colour Run tab. Participants are advised to wear an old white t-shirt to maximise the effect of the Holi Colour Powder (fully washable) which will be used to mark each 1km that they run. Participants must be 12 years of age or over. This event is fully insured. Registration fee is €8 for adults and €6 for students. Places are limited, therefore it is advised to register before the event!