Mallow Castle to get a new roof

A major contract for roof restoration works at Mallow Castle has been signed in recent days, and work on the €1,607,618 project is expected to start immediately, with a completion date of late 2024. The contract was signed at Cork Co. Council offices after Cumnor Construction was the successful tenderer for the job, and the project forms part of Cork Co. Council’s plan for an integrated amenity and tourist destination comprising Mallow Castle Park, Mallow Town Park and Spa House Park. Several major works have been completed in the past couple of years, including the construction of a playground and walkways in the castle, the renovation of Tip O’Neill Park, and the start of work on new pathways in the town park.
The restoration of the roof of Mallow Castle will allow for the future development of the castle as a public amenity, and will complement the work being done on the castle grounds and the adjacent castle river walk.
Skating enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that the council has also signed contracts for the development of a skate park in Mallow Town Park, at a cost of €274,979, due to be completed by October of this year.
Deputy Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr. Deirdre O’Brien said, “The signing of these contracts for Mallow Castle and the new skate park is a momentous occasion for Mallow and the surrounding region. These projects will further enhance Mallow’s potential as a tourism destination and will enhance the quality of life of the local community.”
Deputy Chief Executive of Cork County Council, James Fogarty said, “The restoration of Mallow Castle House is a testament to the council’s dedication to preserving our historical assets, ensuring their longevity for generations to come.”