Mallow Convent Primary School launches a school app

Mallow Convent Primary School Principal Sheila O’Connor with some of the App team at the school.

Mallow Convent Primary School is delighted to announce the launch of its very own Convent Primary School App which is designed to help parents and guardians to access important school information more quickly and easily from their mobile device. From urgent announcements and newsletters, to events and galleries, it’s a convenient way to keep up to date with school life on the go. Nowadays, we all tend to use apps a lot more than websites, so the Convent Primary School is very pleased to have the new app, website and Facebook page running side by side for parents’ and guardians’ convenience. The app allows the school to keep parents and students informed through push notifications and these can be directed to a small group (e.g. 6th class orienteering) or to everyone (e.g. a school closure due to snow). For this reason, it is very important that all parents and guardians install the app on their devices as soon as possible, as the Convent Primary’s current SMS system of message notification will be slowly phased out.
How to download the App: simply visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play from your mobile phone and search for ‘Convent Primary School Mallow.’ From there, the Convent App can be downloaded for free.
It is envisioned that this app will provide a stronger link between parents and the school, with various features, which will allow parents to send notes on absenteeism, the ability to instantly access school messages, news, calendar, class activities, photos/videos and much more. It is available on all devices including computers and laptops and only available to their own school community.
With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, Convent Primary School feel it is imperative that they embrace the new educational tools available through the latest technology. Convent Primary teacher Ms. Eimear Buckley has been the driving force behind acquiring the app for the school. Her expert knowledge in the field of Information and Digital Technology has ensured that the acquisition, launch and implementation of the app has been seamless. The app has received a hugely positive response from parents and guardians so far, with over 200 downloads to date. The app is an important step for the school but it is also just the beginning, as the school strive to improve their ICT infrastructure to meet the demands of 21st century education even more in the years ahead.
Mallow Convent Primary School hopes that parents, guardians and students enjoy working with them on this new and exciting development.