Mallow General Hospital To Become Smoke-Free From 6th January

Mallow General Hospital will become a smoke-free campus from Monday, 6th January, 2014. From this date forward, smoking will not be permitted anywhere on the hospital grounds.

The introduction of this new policy, which is supported by the Executive Management Board of Mallow General Hospital, will apply to all staff, patients, visitors and contractors. Several hospitals including Cork University Hospital have successfully implemented the policy in recent years, with other hospitals such as Bantry General Hospital and Kerry General Hospital also going smoke-free on 6th January.

Dr. John Kiely, Consultant Physician at Mallow General Hospital said, “Introducing the Smoke-Free Campus policy in Mallow General Hospital provides an environment that promotes health and supports those who want to stop smoking. The facts are indisputable when it comes to the health gains; giving up smoking greatly improves a patient’s recovery. Research shows that non-smokers or those who quit smoking before and after surgery have much better wound healing and recover faster.”

Staff at Mallow General Hospital, in partnership with Health Promotion staff in North Cork, will be informing all patients in the coming weeks of the new policy in advance of their admission to the hospital and, when admitted, patients who smoke will be offered free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) during their hospital stay. Patients can also be referred to the free Smoking Cessation Service. Awareness sessions are ongoing and will continue with staff at the hospital as well as training on the use of nicotine replacement therapy.

Mary Owens, Director of Nursing at Mallow General Hospital, said, “While we are all very conscious of the addiction that smoking has on people, I want to reassure our staff and patients that we are not telling anyone that they must stop smoking, but we are asking people not to smoke in our hospital during their stay. Stopping smoking at any age is a very difficult task, but we will provide both staff and patients with all the help they need to quit smoking while they are in our hospital. The single most important thing a person can do to improve their health is to stop smoking, and we are very pleased to be able to provide such an environment in Mallow General Hospital and we will support anyone who wishes to do that.”