Mallow pedestrianisation to start this Saturday

A section of the Main Street of Mallow will close to traffic this Saturday, and for the next five Saturdays afterwards, as part of a trial pedestrianisation of the street by Cork Co. Council. From 2pm until 7pm, the street from the O’Brien Street junction to the Clock House junction will be closed to traffic, and motorists will be diverted up O’Brien Street, while people will be able to enjoy the benefits of a car-free stroll, plus on-street dining, as far as the town plaza. The council is introducing the temporary measure following consultation and active engagement with local businesses. Feedback to Cork County Council showed that 84% of businesses on Thomas Davis Street (Main Street) and William O’Brien Street were in favour of the pilot pedestrianisation.
Local councillor Pat Hayes, who has a business in the Spa, welcomed the trial pedestrianisation, saying that he was looking forward to seeing how it works in terms of boosting local trade. He added that if it was deemed to be not working out after the six weeks, it can be stopped and the street can reopen to traffic again.
“The fact is that business in Mallow has been going downhill for years, as people are gone off the street by 2-2.30pm, and this is an opportunity to see if we can bring people back into town in the afternoon,” he said.
He added that there will be on-street entertainment during the afternoon, creating a nice atmosphere for locals, and hopefully good trade for businesses.
Mayor of County Cork, Cllr. Gillian Coughlan said: “The pedestrianisation promises to be a fantastic opportunity for businesses and pedestrians alike to enjoy the street. The Main Street will be closed for just five hours every Saturday, but I hope it will bring more vibrancy and add to the existing vibrancy in the area. I am very much looking forward to seeing more people embracing the heart of Mallow town, enjoying a coffee or a bite to eat and supporting our local retailers.”
Deputy Chief Executive of Cork County Council, James Fogarty said: “We surveyed businesses in the area and found that more than eight out of ten were in favour of the plan. Cork County Council, our elected councillors and Mallow Chamber of Commerce will be assessing the progress of the pedestrianisation throughout the six-week trial. In particular, we will monitor its impact on the town of Mallow, on businesses and on traffic flow. We also welcome public feedback and encourage locals and visitors to Thomas Davis Street to let us know about their experiences during the pilot pedestrianisation.”