Mallow is to host a photographic exhibition as part of Traveller Pride Week which runs from 16th to 22nd June.

Traveller Pride Week is a celebration of the contribution Travellers make to both their own communities and to Irish society as a whole. This includes celebrating their culture, enterprise, sporting excellence, professional expertise across every area and their unique history and traditions.

The Travellers of North Cork (TNC) Ltd is a Traveller-led human rights organisation, working in partnership with the settled community and are committed to promoting a greater understanding of Traveller culture and Traveller health needs.

The Travellers of North Cork (TNC) are based in Doneraile and are working with Traveller Groups in north Cork to launch a photographic exhibition “Photographs of Travellers, Past and Present” at the Mallow Primary Health Care Centre, Mallow on next Wednesday 18th June at 11 am.

The Photographic Exhib-ition was the brainchild of the Fermoy Women’s Group, who felt it would be a wonderful opportunity for all travellers in north Cork to work together as a group collecting these old and new photographs. During the course of collecting these photo-graphs, the older travellers of north Cork found it a great opportunity to sit down with their children and grandchildren and talk of the old days, their culture, the work they were involved in, what they had to eat and how they prepared it, the customs, the cures, their way of life and the places they lived in. The feedback from the travellers involved in collecting these photo-graphs was very positive and enriching. Naming some of the older Travellers and establishing where the photographs were taken gave some Traveller families hours of enjoyment and enriched family time together. The younger Travellers found the whole process so interesting and thought provoking that similar pieces of work will surely grow from this exhibition.

The Exhibition is being launched at Mallow Primary Health Care Centre on Wednesday next the 18th June at 11am. The exhibition will be open to the public until the end of August. TNC are looking at housing the exhibition in a museum in Cork City.