Mallow Youthreach Awards Day

Recipients of Sports Certs.

Recipients of Sports Certs.

Mallow Youthreach held their Awards Day for their outgoing students and also launched their Amber Flag on Thursday 28th May at 2.15 p.m. Mallow Youthreach is the first Youthreach in Ireland to receive the Amber Flag last year. The Amber Flag encourages organisations to promote positive mental health. Mallow Youthreach promotes mental health in both students and staff, and has an open and accepting atmosphere where people can talk and share experiences with each other, or with professionally trained counsellors.

At Youthreach we aim for our students to: make new friends and become part of a team, improve self confidence, engage in work experience, be part of a caring, non-judgmental, safe and respectful environment, be encouraged to work to the best of your ability with plenty of support, or be guided towards a career choice that best suits them.

Next September Mallow Youthreach are offering a wide range of full time courses in FETAC 4 which can lead to further education, such as a Post-Leaving Cert Course (PLC), applying for an apprenticeship, or confidently entering the world of work.

For enquiries, call to the centre in Ballyellis, check out the Facebook page or call 022 42782.