Marathon swimmer in Channel attempt

Next month, Mallow man Adrian Healy will attempt the Channel Swim, which has been described as the Everest of swimming. A member of Mallow Masters Swimming Club, Adrian is an open-water swimmer and has completed many major swims. He has been training very hard in recent months to ensure that he will be ready to tackle the 40-kilometre crossing from Dover to the French coast. Adrian is expected to make his attempt on July 22nd. To qualify for the swim he had to complete at least 6 hours in water with a temperature of 16 degrees or less, a feat he achieved last Sunday in Lough Hyne, near Skibbereen.
The number of people who have successfully completed the Channel Swim is small, as it involves about 14 hours of swimming in waters which can be challenging at the best of times, but Adrian put in long hours of training during the winter and spring, and we wish him every success when he dips his toes into the waters of the English Channel in July 22nd.