Mick O’Regan Memorial Motorcycle Run

The Mick O’Regan Run for 2020 in Buttevant is going virtual. Due to Covid 19, the organisers of the run have considered every possible option open to them and have concluded they cannot find a way to keep all the wonderful motorcyclists that support the run every year socially distanced and safe from the virus. So the run will be a virtual run this year. How this works is the committee is inviting all bikers to grab hold of a couple of friends, head out on the bikes on a trip of their own; it doesn’t matter if it is 15 miles or 150 miles, and they are asking them to post their photos from their trip on the Mick O’Regan Run Facebook page. The committee will embark on a run also and will post their photos as they go making it appear that we are all out together as always. “We may not be able to do it side by side, but we can do it together” said Bertie O’Regan, chief organiser. The organisers are sorry that the great work of collecting funds for Pieta House to save lives is going to be interrupted in this extraordinary year. However, so that the critical work they do is not interrupted, the organisers have created a GoFundMe page on Facebook if anyone would like to donate to this very worthy cause. The GoFundMe page can be found attached to the Mick O’Regan Motorcycle Run page on Facebook. It can also be accessed on-line by typing in Gofundme Mick O’Regan into the search bar in Google. Bertie O’Regan stated at the conclusion of our interview, “every cent you donate will go to saving lives and that is why every cent is important”.