Nationwide Programme

The Strategic Development Plan for Newcastle West (Newcastle West – Vision 2023) has generated an amount of interest in the town since its launch in August 2017.The plan was funded by Limerick City and County Council and produced by O’Leary and Associates Training and Consultancy, Tralee. TG4 did a feature on the town (as Gaeilge) earlier in the year and on Monday next, May 14th, RTE 1 Television will broadcast its Nationwide programme, featuring Newcastle West, after the News at 7 pm. The programme was recorded over a number of days in March by MKP Productions where its wonderful team of Matt Kelly and Marion Malone gathered hours of material – the visit of Mary Kennedy also generated a lot of local interest. They didn’t leave a stone unturned and delved into the business, cultural, sporting and historical aspect of the town. Dr Paddy Fullam and Vicky Nash of the Development Association interfaced with the production team, and together with chairman, Michael Finucane, were determined that the town would be seen in a constructive light, with its positive aspects to the fore. I also think that people will be surprised by some of the statistics that have emerged. Newcastle West Development Association will continue to promote and enhance the town at every opportunity – it has a number of worthwhile and relevant projects in the pipeline. The recorded material will be tightly edited to fit the twenty five minute slot on Monday night.
Pat Mcloughlin.